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Attention all subscribers.  The new Masterfood list for version 2.0 with over 350 ingredients is now ready. You should receive your copy by 11-5-18.

    Does your doctor have you on a low protein diet?  Raise your hand if you know how much protein you had yesterday. Did you know two eggs, three pieces of bacon and two slices of buttered toast is just about your limit of protein for the day? Staying on a low protein diet is essential to keep you off dialysis.

      Already on dialysis? If your answer is yes than you know the drill. You go for your monthly blood test. A few days later nurse Ratched calls to say your albumin is low. You eat more protein to compensate only to learn your phosphorus is high the next month.

    This program has been written by a kidney patient who has been through all of the above.  I started this test program about five months ago using an Excel spreadsheet. I just got  my fifth perfect blood test result in a row.

 If you are on a transplant list this program can help keep your phosphorus numbers under control so there are no problems when that big day comes.

This is not a diet. You make up your own daily menu and eat what you want. All you have to do is know the weight of the food you are eating. The program will automatically calculate all your limits and warn you if you are under or over.