Download Dialysis Menu Planner

Download free copy of Dialysis Menu Planner

Minimum System requirements: Windows 7 min. Access 2000 min. PDF Reader.

Download instructions:     (you can print this page for reference)

1  Click on dmpzip and the file will download to the bottom of your web browser

2  Click on the zip file and it will open the file DIALYSIS MENU PLANNER.

3   Minimize your web browser and click on file explorer. You want to drag the DIALYSIS MENU PLANNER into your C:/ or OS (C:) drive.  If your more comfortable with copy / paste that works just as well.

4. Scroll down the right hand side of your file explorer until you find the file DIALYSIS MENU PLANNER. It should be all the way at the bottom.

Thanks to modern internet security this file comes to you in a “Read Only” form which doesn’t do us a lot of good. The Fix is simple.

  1. Right click on the file DIALYSIS MENU PLANNER and select  “properties”.
  2. Uncheck the box that says “Read Only” and press “OK”.

3  Another box will appear asking you if you want to apply this property to all files in the folder. The appropriate box is already checked so just click “OK”.

4. Now you can run the program. Double click on the folder DIALYSIS MENU PLANNER to open it and double click on setup.exe. The program will automatically load and run.

To get started just fill out all your information and press the calculate settings button. Don’t forget to print the letter to your doctor. When finished press “Done /  Save”. The program will close and save your data.  To run the program again double click the same setup.exe file and the program will now open the main menu form. There is a “Help” button on every form to help you get started.

If you would like to have a desktop icon to run the program from just right click on the setup.exe file and select “Create shortcut”. When the shortcut appears just drag in onto your desktop. If you really feel ambitious you can right click on the desktop icon and rename it MY MENU PLANNER.

On some Google web browsers the zip file may open may open as shown below:

To download the program simply select extract at the top then select the  C: drive. Now press extract. The file DIALYSIS MENU PLANNER will be on the C: drive. It is still in read only format so just go up to step 1 thru 4.

Some download problems have been reported when using internet explorer or firefox.  Please try to download using Google, Thank you.