This is how the program works

All foods contain varying amounts of phosphorus, potassium, protein, etc. The amount of these nutrients you consume each day depends not on on what you eat but how much you eat.

The  National Kidney Foundation and the American Medical Association have published formulas and guidelines for kidney patients with the recommended daily allowances.

This program automatically calculates these limits for you based on your present condition and sets daily goals. You can print a list of these goals for your doctor to review and change based on your condition.

Your job is simple. All you have to do is plan your daily menu by choosing from over 230 ingredients plus up to another 100 you can add yourself. Each ingredient is listed in a one ounce serving showing the amount of phosphorus, potassium, protein, etc in that serving. You just enter the amount you wish to eat that day. (You will need a kitchen scale with a tare (0,0) button and a measuring cup graduated in fl. oz.).

As you build your daily menu the program automatically calculates the total amount of phosphorus, potassium, protein, etc and warns you should you be under or over any of your goals for the day. The menu you choose may be printed for your reference during the day. The daily totals you chose will be saved and may be used to print a monthly report with daily averages to help your doctor access your test results.

Each form contains a help button fully explaining each form to get you quickly started.

This is a Beta test program. System requirements are: Windows 7 min. Access 2000 min.  and a PDF reader. All data you enter is stored in files on your computer.

This program is freely available to any Kidney Patient. Download a copy and try it out.

An updated version of the program will be available soon along with a Spanish version and updated menu item listings. An Apple version is also in the works so check back with us on a regular basis.

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